Fastening Systems and Accessories

One of the key elements in completing the project - is the correct choice of gripping systems. These include all the accessories and mechanisms used to fasten curtains, curtains or blinds - and Ajur-Lux offers a wide range of solutions and materials for any taste, any type of gripping surfaces and any styling and design. At Ajur-Lux you will find models for all types of interiors (either modern, minimalist, classical or even high-tech); From lime or metal galleries, PVC elastic wraps to automated complex mechanisms for remote use; Accessories inflated with gold or swarovski inserts, all in a huge range of colors and finishes.

By accessing the files below, you can watch only a few of the many solutions offered by top international brands through Ajur-Lux. More offers and solutions will be presented in the textile design studio "Ajur-Lux", which you can find here>>>

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