Ajur Lux - Excellence through tradition

We would be glad to welcome you at “Ajur-Lux” Showroom located on VasileAlecsandri str. 129/8, Chisinau City, Republic of Moldova.
Working hours:
Monday-Friday 10:00 – 18:00 (local time)
Saturday: Scheduled Meetings
Mobile Phone: (+373) 79473338 / (+373) 78883444
Phone/Fax:(00 22) 277-247 / (00 22) 228-730

Ajur Lux

Nowadays it is hard to imagine a modern interior without a textile decoration. Textile decoration offers a complete and complete look. Taking this into consideration, Ajur-Lux offers the most complex and exclusive services in the design and production of curtains and curtains in Chisinau.
Textile accessories are the fundamental elements that can offer integrity to the overall design composition and create a visually valuable effect of your interior.
In the "Ajur-Lux" showroom you will benefit from a professional consultancy offered by the company's designers who will provide you with the most exclusive and exclusive fabrics and drapes in Chisinau. A wide range of services and solutions in the textile decoration, carefully selected over a 20 years experience, is the business card of the company and a criterion for recognition and appreciation throughout the Republic of Moldova.
As a result, looking at us through the experience of two decades, we can say firmly and surely - the most refined and exclusive curtains in Chisinau - you can find them in the textile and design studio: Ajur-Lux!